Adult Bikes

Road Bikes


Trek is the #1 performance bike brand in the world. Their R&D department packs more engineering horsepower than any other bike company, and they're committed to making every one of our road bikes, from hand-built carbon race machines to refined aluminium models, the absolute best in its class. You'll feel the difference, from the first ride all the way to the podium. 


Mountain Bikes


Trek is the world leader in mountain bike technology. No surprise that their mountain bikes are the most technologically advanced on the market. Here, innovations are not limited to only the highest-end bikes. Every model is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better. 

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Trek hybrid bikes are versatile, easy-riding bikes that will carry you wherever you want to go. They prove to be light, fun and comfortable companions, mile after mile. 

Perfect Commute bike to beat that traffic.

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Dual Sport


If you can have just one bike, make it a Dual Sport. These smooth-riding, adventure-loving hybrid bikes are fast on the road and capable when the pavement turns rough. Simply put, Dual Sport is a versatile hybrid bike that’s up for whatever your day has in store for you.  upgrade to a hybrid bike that will keep pace with you as you advance. 

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Time Trial


Trek tri bikes aren't just highly refined, absurdly aerodynamic machines that cheat the wind, transfer all your power to the road, and carry what you need to stay on course. They're also your ticket to the final leg of the race. Every detail of every Trek Speed Concept is designed to absolutely kill your bike split and leave you with enough energy left to crush the run. 

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Cross & Adventure


Gravel bikes can be ridden almost anywhere, on the road and off it. Adventure-ready features like disc brakes, additional clearance for wider tyres, and comfortable geometry let these bikes adapt to everything from rugged terrain to winter exploration. These bikes are for the days when you're not sure where the journey will take you, but need the bike you know will get you there. 

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